Over 200 Years of Media & Entertainment Workflow Experience


Emma has driven change across TV newsrooms, analog and digital centers and lead teams to embed new toolkits and workflows across the BBC and ITV.  Responsible for ‘Technology Business Change’ at ITV, Emma ran organizational transformation projects that oversaw the implementation of a fully digital supply chain, file-based delivery into the organization and new product catalog management.


Andrew has an engineering background with a strong operational, strategic and business focus. Since starting in traditional media workflows, he has transitioned into the emerging OTT space of content management, delivery and security enabling organizations to benefit from integrated systems.


Thomas is an industry-leading media expert.  With 30 years experience spanning local broadcast, print and digital media combined with the last 12 years in Hollywood, he has been at the crossroads of sweeping industry change for nearly his entire career. 

As a former Lionsgate senior distribution executive, Thomas led the building of Lionsgate's dedicated digital distribution infrastructure globally, including operations, marketing and sales. He has extensive experience in media delivery, metadata management, intellectual property protection, sales reporting and reconciliation and more.


Daryll has spent 28 years running software teams and building data systems for Hollywood. Most recently at Technicolor building the only true cloud system in the industry that manages 3 data centers, 1000 cores, and 10PB of content for 75-100 feature film and broadcast series simultaneously.

At Digital Domain, Daryll’s team built compositing tool Nuke (later sold to Foundry) and created the first Linux based render farm.


Formerly Chief Digital Strategy Officer at Sony Pictures, Mitch originally joined the studio in 1990 as Counsel in the Litigation Group responsible for IP, new technology licensing and content protection. He has since gone on to lead innovation in media distribution as Chairman of the UltraViolet consortium and with numerous patents across a range of playback, protection and authentication systems.   Mitch now helps companies develop their media strategy leveraging his organizational, commercial, licensing and product development expertise.


Spencer is an award-winning technology leader in media and entertainment with 20+ years’ experience as a technologist in production technology, cybersecurity & distribution technology for major Hollywood studios.

As a former Sony Pictures CTO, Spencer has extensive hands-on experience with core technologies and standards: HDR, 4K, MR (mixed reality), cameras, content protection, compression, streaming, and audio along with cybersecurity for AI systems and the application of AI.


Mark is a creative strategist and technologist with a passion for finding innovative solutions to tough business issues. 25 years ago, Mark started his career in broadcast distribution, moving on to OTT, digital cinema, music, technology licensing and production technology for companies such as Disney, Microsoft, Dolby, Technicolor, Ryff, Eutelsat and BT.

Most recently Mark helped Technicolor with their corporate strategy regarding cloud production, real-time rendering and immersive media.


Chris has spent the last 25+ years developing tools and solutions for the entertainment industry for customers such as Disney, Electronic Arts, and Google.  He began working in real-time 3D broadcast graphics and virtual sets, and then worked on the project to build a next generation compositing system to succeed Flame resulting in several novel patents and tools.

For the last 12 years, Chris ran the worldwide group at Autodesk developing Maya, Arnold and Motionbuilder.


Erik runs special projects for the Entertainment Technology Center@the University of Southern California including their Production in the Cloud project which covers emerging techniques for transport, security, metadata, long-term storage, and the creation of an agnostic framework that unites key vendors and studios.

Erik served as exec producer of the cloud produced short films, The Suitcase, which utilized HDR, cloud-based workflows and live 360 (CAA People Choice Award Winner, 2017 Tribeca Film Festival) and Wonder Buffalo which employed volumetric capture, photogrammetry, ambisonic sound and interactivity.


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